An ambitious project conceived and developed during 2008, joining the solid experience of long-term professionals to the dynamic and modern approach of a young company, led in 2009 to the establishment of ATS FAAR Industries.


We offer our thirty-year experience in designing and supplying turn-key labs and workshops in the chemical, petro-chemical, natural gas and water treatment industries, power plants and thermal power plants.


Thanks to our highly rational approach towards projects, controls, stocking, packing and delivering activities, we can assist the client throughout the entire life cycle of the project, from consultancy to implementation and start-up, in order to meet any specific requirement at best and provide the most appropriate turn-key solution.


ATS FAAR Industries is located in Segrate, in the surroundings of Milan, 5 minutes from Linate airport and 30 minutes from the City’s central railway station.


ATS FAAR Industries srl


Commercial Office & Warehouse:


Via Rivoltana 31 20090 – Segrate (MI) ITALY

tel: +39 02 36636340 Fax +39 02 36636342

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