Laboratory cabinets: the choice of a suitable cabinet

Ats Faar Industries supplies not only technical furniture but it also offers many options relating to laboratory cabinets. In the context of the scientific sector, it is important to provide environments that involve the use of special furniture and instrumentation that fully preserve the safety of the place and comply with the regulations in force in Italy.

For this reason, our personnel have created a selection of high performance and reliable product cabinets: we deal with the sale of metal furniture for changing rooms and of many other exceptional alternatives to choose from.

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A complete and varied range

The criteria to consider when choosing a laboratory cabinet does not simply relate to the aesthetic selection but mainly refers to its future use.

The options of Ats Faar include simple but reliable product cabinets in various configurations in order to be able to adapt to the space available and to the use that will be made of them: basic, tower, suspended cabinets, etc.

Secondly, we offer a range of metal hinged or sliding door cabinets:  depending on their intended use, you can choose whether to install solid or tempered glass doors, the latter therefore with the products contained visible.

Finally, for anyone seeking a solution that is somewhat different, we offer modular shelving: this involves modular units that can be adapted as required where it is necessary for the products to be visible.


Choose quality: choose Ats Faar!

For reliable shelves and laboratory cabinets, feel free to contact Ats Faar Industries: we sell top quality technical furnishing products to ensure laboratory safety throughout Italy! We are located in the areas between Milan and Milano Linate airport. We supply schools, research centres and analysis laboratories.

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