Localised extractions


The sale and installation of laboratory fume extraction units

There can be many different types of devices that are intended for extraction within production plants:  in this case, we are referring to localised extractions.

Localised extraction, specifically, is necessary for certain areas of the bench or even suitable for extractions from analysis equipment that produces fumes or emissions.

Depending on the needs of each laboratory, Ats Faar deals with the sale of different solutions that adapt to the various situations of use: with reference to extraction hoods, filter units and extraction arms, we ensure for each work space the perfect absorption of vapours, dust and other agents that need to be extracted.

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Numerous choices

Localised extraction is an activity that can be achieved using a variety of devices. In our catalogue, you will find solutions such as:

  • Articulated arms, ideal for work stations that require versatility and modularity;
  • Telescopic suctioning arms for atomic absorption;
  • Mobile filter units, in other words portable devices that work flawlessly without being tied to just one particular space or work surface;
  • Plenums and PVC extraction ducts, available in a variety of models and sizes depending on requirements.

The importance of correct extraction

In the case of industrial production, one element in particular that must be kept under control is safety in the work place; this inevitably involves not only the presence of a healthy room and air, in order to guarantee at the same time work that is precise and compliant with the standards but also a quality of life and of inhalations of those persons that work within the facilities.

For this reason, we work to guarantee a product that is as suitable as possible for the specific needs of each customer: for each critical situation, we will find within our catalogue unrivalled solutions for laboratory furnishing, devices and instrumentation.

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