Maintenance and spare parts


Ats Faar is the ideal company for the maintenance of your chemical laboratory

Ats Faar deals both with routine and special maintenance.

Our technicians are available to perform efficient maintenance on each analysis and research laboratory through meticulous maintenance operations and thanks to the supply of high quality spare parts and consumables: we work tirelessly to ensure that our systems, instruments and technical furniture comply with high safety standards and ensure top efficiency.

We propose on-site assistance contracts at very competitive costs depending on the requirements of each individual customer.

For certifications or periodic calibrations, choose the maintenance and spare part programmes of Ats Faar Industries: contact us via the contact form and discover our services in Milan, in the areas surrounding the Milano Linate airport and throughout Italy.

Routine, preventive and special maintenance: what are they all?

The maintenance operations brought to fruition by our qualified personal include operations of routine, preventive and extraordinary maintenance to cover 100% the requests that we receive.

In the case of preventive maintenance, this involves all the interventions of servicing or repair that are prepared and performed before a certain component develops a fault: problems and safety risks are thus prevented.

Conversely, in the case of routine or extraordinary maintenance, this refers to operations following a particular fault:  in the former case, the maintenance interventions are scheduled while in the latter, this involves unexpected operations and, for this reason, they cannot be scheduled.


A very wide range of sectors

Ats Faar works closely with all types of industries, pharmaceutical and food companies, and with chemical analysis laboratories; at the same time, however, we supply instruments and furniture for research centres that belong to universities or schools.

We use the ideal solution for each environment and guarantee to all the due maintenance. As such, for spare parts, repair, replacement and for all the interventions designed to guarantee safe functionality of your systems and technical furniture, contact Ats Faar:  we work between Milan and Milano Linate airport.

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