Furniture for scientific laboratories

Ats Faar Industries is constantly working and investing in the research and development of innovative solutions with the highest standard of quality that can prioritize collective, individual, and environmental safety. We consider all the details and the design of the equipment following our Italian tradition. Our mission is to offer workstations and collective protective equipment of the highest quality to each of our clients.

Custom-made laboratory furniture and ventilation systems include benches, chemical fume hoods, localized vacuums, laminar flow hoods, safety cabinets, seats, tables and desks, gas systems, emergency equipment and professional instrumentation.

Please feel free to get in touch with us. We operate in the areas of Cologno Monzese, Milan and the rest of the province.



Ats Faar is committed to ensuring safety in laboratories and research centers by providing highly safe and reliable workstations. We collaborate with the best manufacturers to ensure durable and regulatory-compliant products. We offer modular benches for chemical laboratories and testing centers, designed for maximum versatility.


Chemical fume hoods

Our chemical fume hoods are precise and reliable devices that comply with all safety regulations. They suction out all contaminated air and maintain high air quality indoor in chemical and industrial laboratories. Our professional installation service ensures a safe working environment and prevents health hazards.


Localized extraction

Ats Faar supplies a variety of solutions for localized suction within labs and manufacturing facilities. These devices, such as fume hoods, filtering units and vacuum arms are customized to fit the specific requirements and characteristics of the environment to effectively extract all fumes, emissions, and dust.


Laminar flow hoods

We provide a supply of lab equipment and technical furniture for research laboratories, analysis centers, and academic institutions. Within our catalog you will find products such as class 1, 2 and 3 biological vertical hoods, as well as biohazard laminar flow hoods to handle biohazardous materials. They are essential to create sterile environments in industrial settings.


Safety cabinets

Our product catalog includes numerous safety cabinets to ensure proper storage of chemical and flammable compounds within research labs and academic institutions. We satisfy all safety and regulatory compliance needs by providing professional tools and equipment.



Ats Faar Industries offers you a vast variety of lab cabinets, suitable for research environments that handle specific materials. We guarantee safety and regulatory compliance thanks to our metal furniture that can be used as lockers, as well as other products.



Our company provides you with various seating options for your laboratories, including stools, ergonomic chairs, and fireproof armchairs. These solutions deliver comfort and ensure healthy posture while meeting safety regulations and aesthetic design.


Emergency devices

Safety is of utmost priority for us: this is why we offer you high-quality emergency devices such as eye washing stations and showers. These devices are reliable and efficient and can be either installed on a workbench or on the wall to suit any kind of lab.


Tables and desks

We sell numerous benches and technical tables for chemical laboratories and research facilities. You may choose between antivibration surfaces and tables with or without drawers: we have the right product for any environment or purpose. Please contact us for further information about sale and installation services.


Gas systems

Ats Faar Industries is a reliable partner for laboratories, academic institutions, and analysis centers in Italy and abroad. We offer you equipment and technical furniture of the highest quality and we are specialized in pure gas supply systems. These certified systems, made of stainless steel, are suitable for industrial, research or educational laboratories.

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