Supply of safe laboratory benches

We at Ats Faar work for the safety of all workers engaged in laboratories and research centres: we supply extremely safe and reliable work tops and tables.

We use the best manufacturers in this field, thus guaranteeing resistant, long-lasting products that comply with the current regulations. We supply benches for any type of chemical laboratory or analysis centre, designed on the basis of the ideal size for everyday operations and on the space available. In order to be as versatile as possible, our benches are fully modular and are divided into: wall-mounted benches and central benches.

Each of these furnishings consists of a technical riser and copper taps: the materials of the benches present in the catalogue perfectly conform to the environmental hygiene and sterility standards.

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Modular wall-mounted benches

Our wall-mounted benches come in various forms and with a variety of configurations: all have essential structures and basic functionalities.

In general, all the benches included in the range have a front load-bearing structure and a rear technical riser; the work top, extremely efficient and reliable may undergo significant modifications depending on the intended final use and on the equipment and materials that will come into contact with the bench.

Some of the criteria that are subject to modifications to make the bench as suitable as possible to the individual needs are the sizes and the configuration of the various accessory elements.


Our range of modular central benches

Within the context of modular benches, central benches are also extremely popular: as the name suggests, the main difference compared to the previous category lies in the fact that the former must necessarily be placed against a wall while the central bench is a stand-alone element that can be positioned without the need for walls in front.

For this reason, these benches are also versatile and adaptable for a wide range of industries. Due to the fact of being wall-mounted benches, they have essential characteristics in terms of materials and quality:  they comply with the standards and are synonymous with safety and faultless reliability.

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