Chemical hoods


Chemical extraction hoods for laboratories

In full compliance with the regulations and with the directives on safety, the chemical extraction hoods that we supply to research laboratories are a combination of precision and reliability. We are referring to very important certified devices designed to keep the air clean, healthy and atoxic within chemical industrial or other types of plants.

Their correct operation is an essential characteristic within work places as, in certain cases, very hazard substances, even toxic may be present: the extraction hoods allow you to work in safety and avoid damage to the health of users in the surrounding area.

We at Ats Faar, besides selling these devices, deal with their installation:  we install these exceptional laboratory hoods in the production systems of a wide range of sectors.

What are you waiting for? Put your trust in the chemical, walk-in and distillation hoods of our catalogue: contact us to learn about our services between Milan and Milan Linate airport.

Top quality solutions

We boast a supply range that covers multiple needs relating to laboratory extraction.

We mainly have 3 categories of products, standard, distillation and walk-in type hoods. Of course the selection criteria lies in the end use of the product itself: all of these hoods have a very high basic quality, due to the materials selected and their resistance.

 The hoods that we supply, sell and install are very sturdy and solid: they mainly consist of metal and are coated with anti-acid paint which guarantees they are long-lasting over time.


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The chemical extraction hoods in our sample book are ideal allies for all types of chemical laboratories: we supply food, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries and many other industrial sectors.

Safe and compliant with the standards, the devices that we at Ats Faar Industries sell are the ideal choice and represent the perfect price-quality ratio.

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