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Gas distribution systems for each laboratory and research centre

Ats Faar Industries is the ally for each type of school laboratory and analysis and research centre in Italy and abroad:  we are located between Milan and Milano Linate airport and we are the intermediary between our customers and the manufacturers of the best instruments and technical furniture on the market.

We supply systems intended for pure gas distribution from external cylinders and the specific instruments that require them. These extremely resistant and certified systems, produced with suitable materials such as stainless steel, can be used for many different types of laboratory, whether industrial or intended for a research or study environment: for pure gases such as hydrogen and nitrogen, we offer a wide range of solutions to suit the needs of each customer.

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What is meant by pure gases?

The purity of a gas is the indicative value that refers to the quantity of other gases it contains.  In essence, the term very pure gases refers to the presence of other gases it contains that is very low or even non-existent.

Within laboratories, the use of pure gases is an ever-day occurrence as many procedures and tasks involve the use of a variety of pure gas materials:  in particular, this refers to substances such as oxygen but also nitrogen, hydrogen and other materials of the same type.


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