Safety cabinets


This involves the sale of ultra safe laboratory units

In the range of laboratory technical furniture that you can choose from, our catalogue offers numerous solutions relating to safety cabinets.

These units are designed for the storage of specific laboratory products that require particular attention: flammable chemical products, etc.  And so we have solutions for all types of hazardous liquids that are used in the laboratories of research and analysis centres or in school laboratories. The range of our products fully satisfies the needs of our customers, always and fully respecting the essential safety standards and conformity to the current regulations in force in Italy.

For quality safety cabinets at unbeatable prices, simply contact Ats Faar Industries; we operate in Italy and abroad but we are located in the heart of Lombardy, between Milan and Cinisello Balsamo.

Special cabinets for special products

The chemical sector and, in general, the world of laboratory research is fairly complex and varied. For this reason, our range of technical instrumentation and furniture must adapt to and embrace the various needs that user may encounter.

We supply safety cabinets for all requirements which include:

  • Cabinets for flammable liquids, perfectly fire-resistant;
  • Combined cabinets, with specific independent hermetic compartments that are used to store flammable products, acids and bases in total safety;
  • Cabinets for chemical products that comply with the regulations applicable to storage and the working of these specific materials;
  • Cabinets for compressed gas canisters that reduce the risk of fire, explosions and the dispersion of gas.

We offer the highest performing furniture on the market

Our group supplies the best furniture, made according to rigid safety standards and in compliance with high quality standards.

To use our services and the products in our catalogue simply contact us! We are located between Milan and Cinisello Balsamo and we work throughout Italy.

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