Turnkey laboratory construction service

Building a laboratory from scratch can be complicated, requiring several companies to coordinate, permits to be obtained and safety to be ensured. Ats Faar Industries, armed with several years of experience, specializes in turnkey and fully customized solutions.

We handle everything, starting from the bare environment to achieve a complete and fully functional workspace while also ensuring peace of mind. To achieve a modern laboratory that is ready for use we start with a customized project: we then proceed with the assembly and installation of every piece of furniture and equipment. We also intervene for maintenance purposes.

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Ats Faar Industries has extensive experience in designing laboratories from the ground up. Our highly skilled team collaborates with engineers and industry experts to ensure optimal solutions for research centers, educational institutions, and universities. We carefully assess customer needs and custom design furniture and analytical instrumentation to create efficient and cost-effective environments.


Turnkey laboratories

We deliver complete turnkey solutions to assemble chemical analysis laboratories in Italy. This service includes design, construction, and shipping, as welly as supply of equipment and furniture. We also provide our clients with an installation service for the different systems, training for personnel and technical assistance. Our versatility allows us to collaborate with small and larger businesses in sectors such as food, chemical, and pharmaceutical.



We handle the assembly and testing of all laboratories and systems, regardless of the industrial field. Our professional and highly qualified team of technician is ready to install furniture and scientific equipment of the highest quality, suitable to multiple users and scientific laboratories. If you would like to obtain a complete installation service for your analysis devices and technical equipment, please consult our catalog.


Maintenance and spare parts

Ats Faar Industries provides comprehensive maintenance and support services for analysis and research laboratories. Our technicians are available to ensure the efficiency of the equipment, tools, and technical furnishings available in our catalog thanks to detailed maintenance and a supply of high-quality spare parts and consumables. We offer customized on-site service contracts at competitive rates to meet individual customer needs.

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