A team of professional installers for your scientific laboratory

Following the selling operations, Ats Faar provides the best service and installation assistance as well as the lab final testing.

Whether it is an electrical or food industry control system, for us nothing changes:  our team deals with every type of furniture and equipment.

Our top quality instruments are perfectly suited for any scientific laboratory and so if you are interested in a complete service of on-site installation of our analysis devices and technical furniture, simply contact us and reserve one of our professional services. We are located in the areas between Milan and the Milano Linate airport, but we operate throughout Italy.

Our design phases

Each project that we take on is taken forward with precise operations, organised in detail by our work group.

Depending on the needs of the customer, we offer from the outset a design service in order to custom create the final work environment:  in this phase we define the furniture and instrumentation suitable for the specific project.

We then proceed with the installation. After that, we perform the final testing. In fact, our main concern is guaranteeing safety and reliability: the final testing, combined with the supply of individual products by professional prestigious companies, is the best way to ensure our high standards are met.


The involvement of several actors

Ats Faar and its staff are just two actors of the cast involved to successfully conclude projects.

Firstly, the focal point of our interventions is undoubtedly the customer: each one of our operations is intended to make our customers’ wishes come true.  We work to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Secondly, we have a comprehensive network of experts and collaborators we interface with, depending on the requirements: chemists, engineers and other professionals are involved to always guarantee the best result possible.

Do you want to find our more? Contact us: we are located between Milan and Milano Linate airport but we work alongside customers throughout Italy and beyond.

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