Turnkey laboratories


Turnkey laboratories: an affordable choice for professionals

Ats Faar Industries, as well as supplying instrumentation and furniture for laboratories located around Italy, also offers a special integrated offer:  it is essentially a solution that includes the design, creation and “turnkey” delivery of chemical-physical laboratories.

This formula not only includes our already well-known activity with scientific devices and furniture but also the implementation of systems, personnel training services and technical assistance support.

The variety of our customers’ needs is a plus which gives us the opportunity to collaborate with small and large analysis and research companies becoming part of their development projects, thus contributing to the creation of the best Italian and international flagship labs.  Our professional services are aimed at companies of the food, chemical-physical and pharmaceutical industry as well as many more driving sectors.

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Round-the-clock assistance

In managing our formula for “turnkey” laboratories and design services, Ats Faar engages to guarantee complete assistance to its customers in a variety of ways.

First and foremost, we place the greatest importance on the stages of consultancy:  in the preparation of specifications, in the design of laboratories and in the various intermediate procedures, we aim to give space and voice to the customer. We guarantee cooperation with the buyer as well as consultancy to attack any issue with a problem-solving attitude.

We deal with “turnkey laboratories” from the planning stage down to the start-up phase with final delivery of the keys for a laboratory that perfectly satisfies the customer’s expectations: we also participate in the development of feasibility and implementation studies.

One of Ats Faar’s main concerns is safety.  In a dedicated field such as that of analysis and research, it is important to ensure that any instrument, device and element of laboratories complies with the toughest safety standards. In order to guarantee these standards, not only do we collaborate with the best companies for the production of laboratory furniture and instruments but we also perform final testing that must respect every performance criteria.


A specialised team to assist customers

We are totally committed to deepen our relationship with our customers and partners to support their evolving needs as well as the needs of the customers they serve. We guarantee safety and ensure customers’ satisfaction. Our customer promises are what our customers can expect from us and our partners.

For this reason, we offer services of a skilled, proactive and open-minded team that is always striving to do better, follow our customers’ requests and supply fully compliant “turnkey” labs.

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