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Operational in all phases of design, installation and testing, Ats Faar Industries and its personnel are reliable and exceptional partners in the creation of customized chemical laboratories and in the supply of technical furniture and professional instrumentation: our catalogue features a comprehensive selection of high performance and efficient devices.

We work alongside various companies and training bodies including analysis and research centres, schools and universities.  Our user catchment includes all the areas that require safe laboratories and personalised solutions. We are only too familiar with the various and differing requirements of our customers and for this reason we guarantee a wide choice of products, materials and services:  we meet the needs of customers to ensure they are fully satisfied.

Would you like to find out more? Contact us: you can contact us via the contact form or through our contact details. The Ats Faar plant is located between Milan and Milano Linate airport, but we also work nationally as well as internationally.


Technical furniture and instrumentation for analysis laboratories, research centres, industries and universities



Ats Faar collaborates with the best professionals of the sector to guarantee excellent results in terms of design from scratch of laboratories for research centres: we roll out “tailor-made” solutions for technical instrumentation and furniture, adapted to all requirements of space and functionality.


Turnkey laboratories

Our supply also includes a special integrated office, namely a solution that comprises the design, construction and “turnkey” delivery of analysis laboratories. We offer our services to all the big and small analysis and research companies.



We boast a network of qualified collaborators and a department of precise and organised installers: we install meticulously and quickly, then continuing on to testing of the individual instruments to ensure not only their operating compliance but also to guarantee the standards of safety and reliability.

Custom furniture for your laboratory


Work stations

Work stations can take a variety of configurations depending on the space available and the intended use. Ats Faar ensures the production of work surfaces and tables that are extremely sturdy and versatile, in compliance with the safety norms and standards to accomodate any type of laboratory equipment or material.



Our selection of laboratory cabinets includes both visible and concealed product cabinets but also safety cabinets for the storage of flammable or potentially hazardous products. We meet all the various requirements of research and analysis chemical laboratories.



Chemical extraction hoods are certified safety devices that are used to keep the air clean and the environment non-toxic within industrial plants: their correct operation is crucial to guarantee work safety and to avoid damaging the health of users.



The choice of a suitable seat can be an important solution for the well-being and comfort of anyone who spends hours in the laboratory:  we offer a wide range of ergonomic and fireproof chairs, stools and armchairs with various options for customisation of the materials and colours.



The variety of our range includes specific instrumentation for the various industrial sectors as well as a wide selection of basic instruments, common to all sectors: autoclaves, stirrers, plates, centrifuges, ovens and all the instruments needed for well-stocked industrial and school-type laboratories.

Our solutions represent the cutting edge for the sectors




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