Laminar flow hoods


The supply of laminar flow hoods for industries and research centres

Ats Faar is the company located between Milan and Milano Linate airport that supplies and installs, technical furniture and laboratory instrumentation to research and analysis centres, schools, etc.

We offer excellent solutions relating to laminar flow hoods: we mainly distinguish biological vertical hoods, respectively of class 1, 2 or 3, horizontal ones or biohazard laminar flow hoods, in other words devices to be used when handling products that pose a biological risk.

These types of booths are essential to create sterile environments: in an industrial type of setting, it is essential to install protection and safety devices such as these.

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What are vertical laminar flow hoods?

These types of hoods, generally supplied with 2 or 3 filters, are essential to circulate sterilised air over the work surfaces of an industrial production plant.

These products can be divided into three categories:

  • Class 1, essentially these hoods act on the user who is working with a product but not on the product itself;
  • Class 2, whose range of action includes the user and the product to achieve a complete level of sterility;
  • Class 3, in other words the laminar flow hoods that are used to fully isolate the entire environment to avoid risks of contagion from a virus.

Of course, the choice of the most suitable device is mainly based on the type of work to be performed and on the type of materials and products being used.


An insight into the details of the horizontal laminar flow hoods

Unlike the previous type, the horizontal hood avoids contaminations of the products and the environment of the hood but does not guarantee protection for the user.

For this reason, a choice of this type is suitable in the case of production places with a low or zero risk of contamination.

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